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Finding Your Fit

Why choose an Omnia Financial independent financial consultant?

Client Centered

Simply put, our independent consultants offer products and services that fit best with each of our client's unique needs and situations. We are Omnia Financial and we are located in Parsippany, New Jersey, and Hauppauge, New York. At Omnia Financial we have access to a wide range of products and services designed to fit the needs of our individual and business clients. Our consultants take a truly consultative approach, developing strategies to guide and protect our clients throughout their lifetime. We get to know our clients, form a workable plan of action, then take that information and put it into an understandable format for them. Call Omnia Financial and let us show you how the power of planning for your future can truly impact it.

With locations in New Jersey and New York, Omnia Financial has been a provider of comprehensive financial services since 2006. Our financial services are designed to help clients realize their financial goals. We put the knowledge of many to work for you.

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